Architectual Shingles it is!

Last night the Historic Society approved architectural shingles for our house. Yeah! Check that off the list. We’re still waiting to hear back on few estimates. Above a photo of the old 3-tab roof. I can’t wait for it to get done. I know it’s going to look awesome! Oh and the icky shingles that are on the side of the windows are going to be replaced with clapboards. Thank you to everyone for sending so many nice informative e-mails and comments the last few days in regards to shingles. Hearing other homeowners experiences is so helpful! Your not only helping me but the thousands of others that read this blog. Stay tuned….

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3-Tab or Architectural Asphalt Shingles?

For those of you who don’t own a home this post is going to be really boring. But renovating a house is about more then decorating. I want to share the nitty gritty stuff too because it’s all a part of the process.

Something I never thought about before was the difference between 3-tab and architectural asphalt shingles. I actually never even heard the terms till last week. I was off in la la land thinking about color. 3-tab is a single asphalt sheet which looks flat; on the left above. Architectural shingles are two sheets laminated on top each other to giving the shingles more depth; on the right above. Architectural shingles are thicker and tend to last longer. Cost wise 3-tab are cheaper but they take longer to lay because roofers have to line up each of the sheets. Architectural are more expensive but go up faster. I’m leaning toward architectural shingles. I like the texture and depth it gives the roof.

I have a Historical Society meeting on Tuesday to get my shingles approved. Of course asphalt shingles are not historic but they are the most common roofing material in my town. I could have gone with cedar shingles but they are expensive and high maintenance.

The second discussion is color which because we live in the northeast in a historic district really doesn’t leave much too discuss. I could go with black, gray, or brown. Of course if you use lighter colored shingles it’s more energy efficient because the sun reflects and doesn’t cause excess warming inside the house. I’m looking at lighter gray options.

Next, we need to talk about new gutters. In the historic district we can use wood or copper gutters (gutters go across the top). Our downspouts (down the side of the house) can be painted galvanized steel or copper. I love the look of copper but every time I ask the price I hear, “expensive”. How expensive? “Expensive”. This conversation has become my favorite new thing to roll my eyes at. Just tell me how much! But I also need to be conscience of the fact that my house is on busy corner in a less desirable area of old town. We would be the only house on our street with copper gutters. Beautiful but Greg thinks it’s a bit pretentious.

We are still in the estimates stage of the roofing project. Getting references is difficult. After you get a name you have to call numerous times just to get someone to call you back. You set up a house visit, they don’t show up or they come late, or they reschedule. By Friday of last week I was pretty annoyed. What do people do that actually go to work? We are lucky enough to work from home most days but I would be pissed if I had to take the day off and then had a no show.

After hearing estimates of 12K I was even more concerned that contractors were so flippant. Really? Do you know how long it took me to save 12k and you want me to make a decision right this second? I also understand that they are running a business and their time is valuable as well. So I don’t know what the problem really is. It kinda feels like were are on a dating show; trying to find our perfect match. I want to work with people I trust. But how do you weed through muck to find the good guys? I know your out there! E-mail me I would love to work with you. Stay tuned…

p.s. don’t forgot to read the comments. So many readers gave amazing advice and tips about shingles and gutters.

architectural shingles and copper downspouts

3-tab and painted downspouts
3-tab with lighter gray roof

3- tab and painted downspouts

architectural shingles with brand new copper downspouts

3-tab shingles and brick chimney

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