Newest Rug Obession: Big & Coral

Today I went to the New Hampshire Antique show in Manchester, NH and saw so many beautiful things. I met some great dealers that I am looking forward to working with once we get to the decorating phase of our project.

I can’t stop thinking about this rug I spotted. Why oh why can’t I afford a new roof and a rug at the same time? I love the colors and it’s the perfect size for my green room. I’ve heard/read corals are really rare. This rug was in mint condition. Ug! I want it. The dealer was really helpful, knowledgeable and lives in Yarmouth, Maine. Check out his store A.E. Runge Jr. Oriental Rugs here. The rug was about 8 x 10 and I believe late 1800’s? He’s asking $4,700.

If you just gasped at the price remember this is a rest of my life kinda rug. When you spend this kind of money you have to really, really, love decorating and willing to spend everyone dime you have on it. This rug was mint, big, and a rare color combo. I’m sure I could find something similar with a little wear and tear for half the price. The search continues but how awesome is it spot beautiful things even if you can’t afford them?

A.E. Runge, Jr. Oriental Rugs
108 Main Street
Yarmouth, Maine
(207) 846-9000

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  1. cosign
    I think the price is worth it (even if my economy doesnt allow it just now :P)
    I went to turkey with my family last easter and its amazing, a great carpet is easily that price or more. But they are hand made of wool or silk (a DREAM), and they last centuries, literally. We saw in different places some which were several decades old, and were intact. So beautiful!! and they are so flexible, the texture has nothing to do with industrial similar carpets. I dont know if im going to be able to compromise with cheaper ones now jeje

    by the way, I just bought an appartment and was checking out ideas!
    Love your blog :) love your taste :)


  2. You read the advice to buy the best quality you can afford in many decorating columns and books. Not a unique thought but maybe it helps. Kids and pets do sometimes reek havoc on items if you have those in your future – just a thought, I have both. Lovely rug!


  3. I forgot to mention that the $2600 rug is in Runge’s inventory – sorry about that!


  4. Absolutely gorgeous rug…but very, very expensive! Please try auctions – some of the best are on the North Shore! Or estate sales.

    I have a rug very similar to the Bahktiari ($2600) that I paid $100 for at an auction – really. Our house is full of orientals and we haven’t paid more than $800-1,000 for any of them. My dining room rug turned out to be the best deal – an antique Heriz in pink with blue and yellow that I paid maybe $100-125 and when I had it cleaned, the insurance value was $5000! And as Barbara noted in her comment, lots of dealers will do a paypment plan.

    The rule: buy it if you love it! You will never go wrong. That way your home looks more collected and relaxed instead of decorated. I still think about a turquoise hickory bench I had to pass on about 10 years ago!


  5. hi mandy!

    I have a few posts about the room. See below:

    Paint colors:

    Sage green room inspiration:

    english cottage inspiration:

    Love this chair & rug:

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    Furniture & Accessories Brainstorm:

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    Hope that helps! Think english country house but not overly flowerly.


  6. It is really beautiful! I wish I could have something that nice on my floors, but I just know the second I laid it down, my cat would leave a big hairball gift on it.


  7. Gorgeous rug. My husband and I went through the same thing. We did ask about a payment plan… and they said YES! It’s definitely worth a try, we absolutely love our rug and we’ll have it forever (and ever and ever…)!


  8. Totally gorgeous! I’d love a post on how you would (will?) decorate the rest of the room around this beauty! Excellent find!


  9. It’s total heirloom quality. If we do have kids they won’t inherit jewelry from me but rugs and furniture! Everyone’s got their obsessions…


  10. Total enabling comment. If careful it would be an investment that would be even longer than the rest of your life… I mean its already been around for more than 100 years and is still in perfect condition, right? Does anyone do lay-a-way anymore?