Kelpie Hat From Quince & Co

I finished my first hat of the season! It’s been raining here non-stop for the past four days—perfect for getting a head start on fall knitting! The pattern and yarn are from a new company in Maine called Quince & Co. Miss Chelsea over at Frolic! tipped me off—I think her sister is making her the same hat!

Below the hat I made. I love that it covers my ears. How cute is the garter stitch on the bottom? For some reason mine isn’t as pointy on the top as the photo above suggests. I did screw up the decrease so maybe that’s why? I’m making another one with navy on the bottom and gray on the top. Maybe for Greg?

I learned a few new knitting techniques like long tail cast on and adding stitches in the middle of a pattern. Super big thanks to Jean over at A Yarn Over Marblehead for helping me. Have you gotten started on any fall knitting projects?

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  1. Great hat, and thanks for the LYS tip! I am working on the Boneyard Shawl by Stephen West, using a gorgeous fingering yarn by Serenknity. I love his designs, and this shawl is turning out beautifully, if I do say so myself.


  2. Your hat is adorable. I’ve never attempted to knit. I’ve tried to crochet several blankets and scarves but they always come out looking a little sad. Do you think knitting is easier or harder than crochet? If it’s more difficult I give up now. You could always produce more and sell them on Esty. I’d buy one!


  3. I was so surprised to see this when I checked your blog. I checked out the Quince site from your blog a couple days ago and thought “I should try to make that hat!” It’s very cute and I like that it covers the ears. I actually like yours better. It looks less like a FB faceless profile. BTW, I love your blog.