Picking Strawberries

I went strawberry picking this morning at Connors in Danvers, Massachusetts via a new friend suggestion. The field smelled like a giant decadent strawberry daiquiri, um yum! If it wasn’t frowned upon to drink cocktails before noon on a Wednesday I would have sparked up the blender as soon as I got home. The picking was great! The strawberries were still small and perfectly sweet.

I loaded up my 6 quarts thinking I was going to use them all for jam. But I realized I have a whole list of strawberry concoctions I want to make like sconces, pancakes, muffins and my favorite salad in the world: spinach/blue cheese/toasted walnut/strawberry salad. So maybe I’ll going picking again on Sunday at Russell Orchards in Ipswich for jam?

Did I share with you why I’m trying to break my internet habit besides the obvious? Over the last four years I’ve done more sitting then is acceptable for a person that is healthy and mobile. I’ve been trying to workout and Monday I took my first, Whole Body Ball Workout class—which means I had to jump on balls, twirl balls, and do stuff with hand weights. I always feel stupid in classes. I wonder why my arms look so long and awkward, why my boobs are sagging (is it the bra?), where did all these smoking hot moms come from? Lord. The class kicked my ass which made it difficult for me to squat down to pick strawberries. Sitting down in the straw and picking in a 360 degree rotation was the best method. I should probably go back to the gym tonight? The soreness must mean my butt is getting tighter, right?

Below a very short video. I’m trying to get the hang of the focus on the video mode while I am doing something, but it’s kinda cool? Maybe I should try one of those flips or I should get the new iphone? But I really don’t need more crap to carry….

p.s. my fav song to get my butt running on the treadmill right now, Say Hey by Michael Franti & Spearhead. Which isn’t new but it’s perfect for summer!

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  1. I just found your blog, lucky me!
    I really like your blog so I’ll visit often…
    I live in Florida-east coast-so hot here but we are almost on the water so we get the breeze!
    I have a wish list of furniture and that spool chair would be a great addition to my home, too! I love florals but I am the only female
    in the house (if you don’t count 4 dogs) as we have 3 sons! But I have one room that is my sewing room so the florals can florish there!
    I NEED a floral chair!
    Thanks, JolieAnne


  2. Hi Katy, I’ve just come across your blog and I love everything I see. First of all, I’ve just come back from a trip to Maine (I currently live in San Francisco) and missed my opportunity to go strawberry picking because I was held up at my 5 year college reunion for the length of it!
    However, I’m back in San Francisco now and am eager to, if not pick, head to the farmer’s market asap and grab a bunch because my favorite summer treat are freshly baked tri-berry (strawberry, blueberry and raspberry) muffins. Their recipe comes from the Barefoot Contessa. Are you familiar with Ina Garten?
    Anyway, your blog is fantastic. Renovating a whole house! Amazing! I was lucky enough to have hardwood floors put into my apartment a few months ago. Not the same as an entire strip, but it felt fresh and new just the same.
    Hope to stop by soon again! xo, Megan.


  3. This cracked me up. The awful side effect of blogging is we never get up! But, that class, hard as it is, and strawberry picking, not to mention stripping wallpaper are all good starts to getting moving!


  4. Gregory,

    It’s awesome with arugala too! Nice spice contrast. It seems to be easier to find fresh local spinach this time of year so I’ve been using that. Can’t wait for lunch!


  5. As one whose entire family has been in New England for, well, ever, I need to let you know that they serve cocktails at whatever hour of the day you arrive on their doorstep… even if it is 9am. Go ahead and have your daiquiri!


  6. Ugh… hate commenting twice. I forgot to say my wife and I have been eating that salad all Summer. Try adding Arugala!


  7. If you’re trying to carry less crap, the new iPhone does video, images, schedules, calendars, notes, plus it’s a phone.

    If you’re trying to steer yourself away from the internet, the new iPhone is a bad idea.

    Conundrum of the Summer. (I’ve already pre-ordered)


  8. first of all, in my world daiquiris at noon on any day is perfectly respectable but especially at the beginning of strawberry season.
    second, i lovve that you mention your boobs (that sounds wrong).
    third, thanks for the laugh.


  9. i relate. i’m training for my first half marathon right now and finally hit the 5 mile mark. my legs and butt are killing me! our little family is also headed out for strawberry picking at broadturn farm in scarborough maine – organic strawberries + family farm = homemade chocolate cake with rose petal whip cream and fresh berries. which i can justify because of all the miles logged on the treadmill of course.