Stuck In Garden

So what’s happening in the garden? It’s kinda stalled. I wanted to put in a patio this summer but I don’t think it’s going to happen. What I want the driveway to be is something that’s going to take a little more then peagravel. The house still needs major work that will require heavy equipment. So why am I being so silly making a garden when I should be focusing on the larger problems? Like the rotted wall and sill.

And once the house is done I might want something different out back? I really like how my neighbors split up there driveway with a fence and a garden in the middle. The con of this idea is that we would only be left with one parking spot. But we only have one car. In terms of resale I know I am going to hear the complaint that the house doesn’t have a yard but then they will complain about the lack of parking. In the end I think I would enjoy a more private space outback.

So here I am stuck. Trying to figure out where to dump the pile of rocks, bricks, and dirt that have piled up on the back side of my driveway—all found in the gardens when we cleaned them up! I know my neighbors would appreciate it me cleaning up the space. But getting rid of rocks is harder then you think—our dump has no “No Rocks” signs everywhere. So how do you get rid of the sh*t without illegally dumping the stuff in a field. Do I really have to pay someone to take away rocks? And if so what do they do with them? Probably sell them…

Below views of the garden and me in my new sun hat. I got really burnt on a friend’s boat over the weekend. I’ve learned my lesson once and for all. I am not a sun girl but I am surprised how tan I look in that photo! Oh and a photo of Mr. Jack my faithful companion watching me plant delphiniums on Monday night. Um, yes that is a stove behind Jack. Greg bought it back when he thought he was going to turn the first floor into an apartment.

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Summer Solstice

The sun has set here, I sent it west. What a lovely day to be the longest—sunny, hot, and breezy. I skipped the gym tonight and walked down to Fort Sewall at the tip of Marblehead Harbor to enjoy the final rays. Happy Summer!

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