Friday Night in June

I promised to post 3 times a week but I didn’t say it would happen in a timely manner. It’s 9 o’clock and Greg is already asleep on the sofa and I’m barely able to find the energy to write this post. The cat is jumping, rubbing, pawing at me as I type. He’s tired of me being on the computer and knows its his time to get cuddles.

Tonight, after work we worked on our sailboat—It’s a J24 if you’re a boat person. We never got it out at all last summer because the boat needed work, we were broke, and it rained all summer. We got the deck redone this Spring. (Yeah Katy got a job!) Greg is working on reattaching all the gear and hopefully by the end of the weekend we’ll be ready to step the mast. (Please don’t rain!) I can’t wait to get out on the ocean and really enjoy why we moved to Marblehead—It’s one of the largest sailing communities on the East Coast.

I didn’t do much helping but spent the evening hanging out on the dock and going for beer and pizza runs. The water is still really cold but a few kicks invigorates the soul. Below photos and a quick video I made from my night. Have a great weekend!

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  1. you’re too cute — love the video! my friend who lives in CT has a little boat and I love getting up there at least once a summer to ride around in the water. Definitely take advantage since those of us not by sea wish we could dip our toes in water daily!


  2. yeah! get that boat in the water! have a great time with it. We just sailed our new (new to us) boat home from Kittery Maine to Freeport Maine on Memorial Day weekend. When I met my husband he had a sailboat and we were day sailing out of CT. Now we live in ME, it’s 13 years later and we sleep onboard our boat as much as possible during the summers. That is why we moved to ME! Check out my new boat blog if you want.
    All the best!
    and this is my business blog:


  3. Dang, lady. It looks like fun.

    I just finished reading a book about boatbuilding called Wooden Boats. It made me want to chuck everything and start life over as a shipwright.

    Guess I should learn to sail first, though.

    Happy weekend.


  4. Great post. I love the video -so simple and says just enough about the ocean on a summer day. Enjoy your lovely boat!