Zinc Planter, Hosta and Solomon Seal

I’m back from my weekend in Maine. I stopped at Sage Farm Antiques for their monthly antique show and Nahcotta Gallery to see their newest art installation in New Hampshire. Then I headed up to Kennebunk, Maine to get a truck load of plants from Snug Harbor Farm. I scored a lovely zinc urn for my front door. I’ve been searching for the perfect one since I bought my house. So much harder then I thought? I love this version—perfect size, love the finish, and it’s really heavy. Now I can decorate it with plants year around.

I also picked up some boxwoods (stay tuned for more), hostas (love the lime tipped!), Solomon Seal, Maidenhair fern and Goat’s Beard (looks like astilbe) for my shade garden. The Solomon Seal has a beautiful variegated leaf that will be gorgeous in flower bouquets this summer.

Below my cart of hostas I picked up at Snug Harbor Farm. I need to find some darker hostas to off-set the limey greens. Contrast is the key to a successful hosta display. A photo of Variegated Solomon Seal planted in a garden. In the spring it shoots out these delicate little white flowers. So cute!

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  1. Nice choice on the planter! And can you believe Tony’s selection of hosta at The Farm? They are hard to resist. Every year he seems to find more varieties I have never seen before.


  2. Katy,
    I discovered your blog and you are so lucky to have such a beautiful home to restore. I would love to have the opportunity someday to tackle a large project like yours.
    I love hosta but the deer ate them all in my garden! So pretty to add to any garden. Thanks for the beautiful photos of your home and I will check back soon for more!


  3. sounds like a perfect little mother’s day* i’d die for a weekend in maine just about now. xx, jane


  4. Katy,

    I already loved your blog, but now that I find myself living in a house with a garden (in England, not New England!) I find it even greater! :)

    Thanks so much for sharing your progress and plans with us.

    Best wishes,