Sara Elizabeth Block Printers Studio

Over the weekend I visited Sarah Elizabeth Block Printers studio in Rockport, Massachusetts. The thirty year old shop is a living museum honoring the work of Folly Cove artist Sarah Elizabeth. Established in Gloucester in 1938, the Folly Cove Designers were a guild of designer-craftsmen that grew out of a design course taught by Virginia Lee Burton Demetrio. After the designers disbanded in 1969, Sarah Elizabeth continued block printing and in 1974 opened the Sarah Elizabeth Shop.

Today the shop is run by her apprentice, Isabel Natti. Isabel started block printing as a weekend job, and now, after thirty years continues to print the linoleum blocks she has designed and carved. The prints include scenes of nature and marine life on the coast of Cape Ann. The prints are available as placemats, runners, cards, and wall hangings. My favorite is Oceanside a multi-block wall hanging depicting a fish company in Gloucester.

Above and below a photos from inside the studio. Isabel is shown sitting in front of her 150-year old Acorn Press—a press she inherited from her Aunt Lee Natti. To find out more about Sarah Elizabeth including shop hours and purchasing info visit:

Sarah Elizabeth Block Printers
5 Whistlestop Mall
Rockport, MA
(978) 546-6541

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  1. I absolutely love her stuff and live 5 minutes away. I’ve actually never been inside…thank you for the photos!


  2. When I’m daydreaming about opening my own little store someday, that storefront is exactly what it would look like!

    I love how these block prints feel modern and traditional at once. Such a great find.


  3. Beautiful work! I’ve got a small collection of Indian woodblocks I’ve been thinking of experimenting with, but carving my own would be even better…


  4. Just read the VL Burton biography. I love the Folly Cove story and designs. So Amazing. I need to drive on out there to see Sarah Elizabeth B P’s!