Long Table For Outdoors

I’ve decided on pea gravel as a temporary fix for our patio/driveway. I still need to call around for estimates to find how expensive my ‘temporary fix’ really is. Stay tuned…

I’ve started to think about outdoor furniture. I definitely want a long table not round. I have a ridiculous amount of festive rectangular tablecloths I’ve been dying to use—Yup, that’s me at the John Robshaw sample sales buying every pattern! I tell myself I will give them as gifts. Sorry guys, I’m hoarding them. They like living with me…

Some inspiration above and below. Love the top table discovered via {frolic!}. I’m thinking I want a white table with two benches and two cafe chairs. I saw a cute set on Pottery Barn but now it’s suddenly unavailable? Another cool and kinda affordable set over at West Elm caught my eye too. I wish I could make the table but we don’t have a table saw and it might take me all summer to finish. I’ll keep searching.

outdoor furniture
Love the white, long benches, and cafe chairs.

Long table in a pea gravel setting via Martha Stewart.

outdoor dining
I need a long table to display all my tablecloths via the haystack needle.

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Hot Lunch Break In May

Holy crapola it’s hot out today. 85 degrees in May in New England, craziness! I went down to the beach for my lunch break too soak in a little Vitamin D. I’m taking full advantage of the great weather this summer—last year it rained till August. Unfortunately, I had to head back to my home office to sweat it out. I’m working in my bathing suit and drinking gallons of ice tea. Not so bad for a Wednesday in May? How are you surviving the spring heatwave?

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