Guest Room Prep

I’ve been out in the garden for majority of May. With all my flowers planted and mulch on the way, I’m heading back inside. I made a vow to myself that I would get the second floor of our house finished this summer…well mostly (greg’s project is to fix the hole in the back of the house). All of the woodwork in the den and little room have been stripped and sanded.

Next, I’m moving on to our guest room. I have to strip at least 10 layers of old wallpaper and paint off the walls. The old heating duct on the ceiling needs to be removed and the floors need to be stripped—hoping to do the whole second floor at once.

Above the guest room (yes, that is a Jenny Lind bed!) getting cleaned out over the weekend. A twin bed would be a better fit but we usually have more then one guest. Below views from the bed looking out to the den and looking out to the dining room (future larger bedroom).

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  1. If you ever want to get rid of the John Robshaw quilt give me a holler – I wish I had splurged and bought it when it was still available-but it never seemed to be in the budget! Love the colors!

    Love watching your renovations too-such a neat house!
    Fric and Frac


  2. Jen,

    I have the whole set too. Scored it a sample sale. I never use this quilt. It was in a pile and I threw it on the bed because who wants to look at my mattress, gross!

    It’s a great print but too bright for my taste now.


  3. Love the Jenny Lind bed — what a find! Even unfinished, your home’s rooms have such a cozy, lived-in lovely vibe to them. There’s so much charm in the architecture of your house. ps. I have the shams that go with that John Robshaw duvet, but the red doesn’t seem to go in our bedroom, even as an accent. It’s sad because they just sit in my linen pile — maybe I should send them off to you.


  4. Gosh, I am always on the hunt for a full-size Jenny Lind. Why oh why are they so hard to come by? It breaks my heart.


  5. Love your house. I am very motivated everytime I see one of your updates!

    Wait til you have the floors stripped – it really makes everything dramatically different and finished looking. You’ll see! Good Luck!


  6. I really admire your dedication to this project? How are you guys holding up with all of the work that needs to be done? Very inspirational.