Cobble, Brick, and Peagravel Driveways

I’ve been brainstorming driveway ideas over the past few weeks. We would love to put in a cobblestone driveway but we still have major work to do on the back side of the house. We need a temporary fix. I want to get outside and enjoy summer. The inside of the house is such a mess and unmanageable for guests. I really need a space we can entertain and bbq.

First off, we don’t have a backyard. We have a large driveway that could fit three cars but we only have one (The garage in the photo is our neighbors). We can park the car out in the street in the summertime but in the winter we have a parking ban. I would love to turn the driveway into a patio space for the summer and then back to a driveway in the winter.

We don’t have much storage in the house or room for a shed so furniture needs to be able to collapse or stay outside year around. Some of my readers have recommended a floating deck. I live in a historic district and a floating deck to me feels too modern.

So what about a peagravel driveway for now? Peagravel is patio-esque? My favorite inspiration is below. Love the driveway tripped with granite, a pretty fence, and peagravel in the middle. I could line the space with containers in the summer to soften up the lines. I think it would be a great inexpensive temporary fix. Maybe we will even end up keeping it?

Below more driveway inspiration from around Marblehead including cobble and brick driveways.

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  1. I’m a little late to the pea gravel discussion, but did want to weigh in on how difficult it is to keep clear of tree debris — I did pea gravel behind a picket fence in my back yard, surrounding 3 raised beds. My first choice was oyster shells, but my landscaper couldn’t find a nearby source. I have a huge small-leaf oak directly above, and even weekly blowing by the yard guy isn’t enough. I can’t tell if that tree above your driveway is a messy one, but just wanted to throw this out there…


  2. The best drive ways I ever saw in New england was Oyster schells, the more you drive over them the finer they become and it is anexquisit white. the shells come form resaturants and seafood packing places I dont know if anyone does them any more I think I saw them on Cape Cod


  3. Love these driveway pictures. It’s been on my mind and I can use the inspiration.

    We have a long, L-shaped pea gravel driveway up in Rockport. We’re thinking of replacing it with cobblestones; in the winter, the gravel gets thrown into the yard by the snow plow.

    Yours looks like a manageable size though (i.e. not too annoying to re-pebble as needed). As long as plowing’s not a concern, go pebbles!


  4. I love your idea of a peagravel court yard with container plants. So charming! I think it’d be loveliest if you add some structure to the space- either via height from trees in pots, or some other items (an ivy covered wall? ) to give definition to the space. Can’t wait to see this!


  5. I agree with Mary–peagravel would work well, and you may have it longer than you think. I also agree that I like the cobblestones more than the bricks. I think they have more charm.


  6. Many years ago I stayed in a french hostel that had a large pea gravel courtyard that was also used as a restaurant area – it was wonderful and would suit your purposes just fine I think – especially with your beautiful garden

    here’s a picture of the courtyard

    Thanks for sharing your projects – I am enjoying your blog very much!!


  7. I want to take the tar driveway we have out, pieces of the tar are broken up at the end of the driveway, I told hubby, replace that tar with 3 to 4 feet of cobblestone at the foot of the driveway and then the pea gravel up to the garage..we live in a colonial house, would look so much better than the tar that the previous owners had done..patio would be so nice under that tree in your driveway, with a glass of lemonade and some of those goodies you always bake !


  8. The peagravel would be a great temporary fix. You will probably end up keeping it for longer than you think, even potentially permanently — you could always cobblestone the part of the driveway that will have the car on it, and keep the gravel on the rest.

    Lately I’ve been leaning towards cobblestone over brick when we do our driveway — especially after seeing the pics you’ve posted. (And, they’re making me really miss Marblehead!)


  9. Maybe try a pebble mosaic in the middle of large paving stones? It would make a nice patio and also good for parking cars in the winter. Love the blog!


  10. Love the images–very topical (ha). We have just finished our pea gravel driveway/patio update (backbreaking), but so worth it…just finishing a post detailing the process for those inclined to do it themselves.
    Love your blog, enjoying watching your old home project.