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Bookshelves Around Door

Posted on | April 29, 2010 | 8 Comments

I started this post thinking I was going to build bookshelves around the window. Now that I see the photo on the page with my inspiration I realize that’s impossible. I don’t have any room above the window. Duh! Eventually we are going to put a new ceiling in, paint the walls, and strip the floors. Maybe I can just put a set of bookshelves next to the window but just not around? I would love to put a table below the window for terrariums.

I often call this the ‘little room’ which next to the upstairs den I am trying to pick paint colors for. Once you walk through the door to the right you enter a bedroom. Remember no real hallways in this house! I have to keep thinking… Below a few photos as inspiration.

Top: from The Holiday, Gregory Mellory, and here.

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Book: Country By Jasper Conran

Posted on | April 28, 2010 | 11 Comments

This is my new favorite book, Country by Jasper Conran. The photography is breathtaking, the stories original. My immediate reaction was, this would have made a great blog! The book a virtual road trip through the rural country side of England feels like a step back in time. Is this what England is really like? If so I’m moving. I have fallen love with the rustic homes, land and people.

“As well as unspoilt landscapes and heart-stopping views, my rural dream includes friendly communities, families, and neighbours who have time for each other and children who their excitement from the world around them, rather then the worlds within their PlayStations. Does this make me sentimentalist? Perhaps. Yet my encounters of country life strongly suggest that this dream is still in places a reality.”

I’ve talked about it for months. But I seriously want to go to the UK soon. A number of my stateside friends tell me it feels like, home. My brother referred to London as ‘his people’. Maybe it’s all the Barbour, proper accents, old buildings, and the fact curry is part of their regular diet—you have seduced me. If plane tickets weren’t $1,000 a pop I would go next week. Maybe September or Thanksgiving weekend?

Below photos from Country. How adorable is that family? Love the 4-drawer dressers incorporate into the space. Perfect for storing all my linens. Purchase the book through amazon.com.

(discovered via {frolic!})

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