Colorful Plant Cages

Spotted at my local garden center this weekend, colorful plant cages. Did I start a trend? Last year I spray painted my tomato cages red. I got a ton of compliments from passers-by. The red cages gave the garden a pop of color while my plants were still growing in. By August my plants took over and the red accents disappeared.

I used a regular steel plant cage and Krylon’s Indoor/Outdoor spray paint in tomato red. Clean the tomato cages using a rag, spray on one light coat of paint in a well ventilated space, let dry and repeat till the cages are covered and glossy. Make sure to place your cages in your garden when you plant your vegetables etc. If you wait you could damage the plant’s established root system. Below photos of my tomato cages and garden from last year.

Marblehead Garden Center
164 West Shore Drive
Marblehead, MA
(781) 631-8558‎

Tomato Plants Late June

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  1. Great idea – I’m buying a house this week and will finally have a yard and and a garden! A few weeks ago you posted a picture of a chair in your sister’s room (with a cable knit pillow). Do you know what color paint your sister used in that room? So pretty. Love your blog, and Happy Spring!