Book: Scandinavian Needlecraft

I’ve been thinking a lot about handwork ever since I spotted these gorgeous sheets over at Toast. The sheets are pretty outstanding and I think it would probably take me years to create something that beautiful.

I came across Scandinavian Needlecraft by Clare Youngs (CICO Books) a book containing 35 step-by-step sewing projects. How freakin cute are those pillow, stockings, slippers? The book contains 33 more that will have you ordering embroidery supplies as soon you finish flipping through the book. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to embroider all the knots are outlined in the back of the book with detailed illustrations. Seriously how great would any of these projects be as holiday gifts?

Maybe once I make a few of the projects I can embroider a pair of sheets or maybe just pillows? The heart pillows are sooo cute. Purchase the book now through for $19.95.

Disclaimer: CICO Books did send me this book for free. But I honestly do love the book and I honestly couldn’t wait to share it with my readers.

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  1. these make me want to start sewing…maybe if i start now i will have something presentable for the holidays!


  2. Oh I will. I have a few knitting projects going right now. But I’ll probably start one of these this summer for holiday gifts and for me. Probably for me first.

    There are these amazing Swedish folk looking mittens in the book I would love to make for my nieces.


  3. I love the stockings. I embroidered a plain red felt tree skirt (purchased for $2) and I loved having the project to help me unwind during the busy holiday season.

    Please share your projects when you finish!


  4. You could do a set of sheets like that, no problem, and I don’t think it would take terribly long. After all, you have conquered cables!


  5. I think you could understand projects. Each step shows has an illustration. The instructions are short. If you had problems it would be easy to translate.


  6. Looks like a lot of fun to do. Are the steps easy to follow (like for a french speaking person)? Feel free to answer me by email