Book: Country By Jasper Conran

This is my new favorite book, Country by Jasper Conran. The photography is breathtaking, the stories original. My immediate reaction was, this would have made a great blog! The book a virtual road trip through the rural country side of England feels like a step back in time. Is this what England is really like? If so I’m moving. I have fallen love with the rustic homes, land and people.

“As well as unspoilt landscapes and heart-stopping views, my rural dream includes friendly communities, families, and neighbours who have time for each other and children who their excitement from the world around them, rather then the worlds within their PlayStations. Does this make me sentimentalist? Perhaps. Yet my encounters of country life strongly suggest that this dream is still in places a reality.”

I’ve talked about it for months. But I seriously want to go to the UK soon. A number of my stateside friends tell me it feels like, home. My brother referred to London as ‘his people’. Maybe it’s all the Barbour, proper accents, old buildings, and the fact curry is part of their regular diet—you have seduced me. If plane tickets weren’t $1,000 a pop I would go next week. Maybe September or Thanksgiving weekend?

Below photos from Country. How adorable is that family? Love the 4-drawer dressers incorporate into the space. Perfect for storing all my linens. Purchase the book through

(discovered via {frolic!})

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  1. Be still my heart! I’ve been on this England kick as of late too! I need to get this book and plane tickets and tweeds and wellies and hounds and a house “to let.” I’m sure you’ve already read his books but Beverley Nichols is hysterical and very English. You’ll be buying plane tickets before you finish the first chapter!


  2. What a beautiful book! I love how you love England – yes, we do eat curry quite often, or at least I do! I also wear Barbour but I think I’m in the minority there… :-)

    I think that kind of English country life is a bit endangered and slightly idealised in publications. Most people just live like everyone else in the city, but I’m trying my hardest to work my way towards a life like that – beautiful, honest interiors, a warm community around me and a few chickens in the garden! Thanks for sharing.


  3. In September, my husband and I are riding our bicyles from the very bottom of England to the top of Scotland. It is a three week ride, and I cannot wait. I cycled in the Cotswalds two years ago, and it was what I think heaven must be like. The cycling is incredibly challenging though with lots of hills and mountains that go straight up.


  4. His father Terence Conran’s 1974 The House Book is one of my favorite books of all time. Part sociology, part decoration, the book also has stunning photographs showing Europeans in the 1970s. Looks like the children and decor have changed but the excellent photographs are similar. This looks really great, I’ll have to pick up a copy. I wonder if they have a lot of pictures of stoves stuck in fireplaces. I need to see how they’re configured — that is the challenge of this week, as we try to finish our kitchen.


  5. Add another to my Amazon cart! I hope you do get to go to the UK soon. It’s funny but I think of your style as being very English – I would have thought you lived there at one point or at least visited it a lot. I’m completely smitten with it in every way and hoping to get back there some time this year too. :)


  6. I’m sure you know about British version of Country Living magazine….I ordered a year subscription and LOVE getting it every month. It’s like Christmas. It will make you want to drop everything and run to the English countryside and live amongst the hedgehogs and potters and basket weavers. Oh…..


  7. I saw this at Barnes & Noble yesterday and came home and ordered it from I am a Brit living in America and this book was like being at home. It is just beautiful.


  8. I need this book – it looks divine! The April issue of Country Living UK has a feature on the book, with some amazing photos and excerpts.