Artist: Mikael Kennedy

Spring is complicated in New England. It teases us with warm summer days and then blasts us with cold damp rain. The rhythm is unpredictable.

I came across the work of Michael Kennedy last night on To me his images conjure the feelings of those cold, wet to your bones, spring days. The air so thick and damp it wets your entire face with mist. The photos seen above and below are from a series called, Odysseus. To learn more about Mikael’s work and photographs click over to his website:

Interested in finding more work by my favorite artists and photographers? Click here to view 165 of my favorites.

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  1. These are gorgeous photos Katy!…
    I just have to say, once a day (or sometimes more) I get online and check three sites: email, facebook, katy elliott and then possibly the occasional bank account.
    Your blog is so fun and I tell everyone about it. I love your style and your ideas really stick with me. I didn’t really get blogs before coming across yours and now I’m asking my fiance to help set one up for me! Very inspirational and have so enjoyed the videos you recently posted. It’s a huge endeavor and looks very worthwhile! Great work!!