Ordering Sample Paint Pots

I ordered some sample paint pots from Farrow & Ball for my den this morning. Hopefully they will come by the end of the week and we can try them out on the walls. I am leaning towards painted the trim an creamy gray off-white. I really like the idea of green moulding but I’m feeling like I will regret it 10 years. I really don’t want to repaint moulding after we painstakingly stripped all the paint off. Walls I can deal with repainting.

Above a few of my selections. The images on my computer look nothing like the paint chips appear in real life. Color is so hard to depict accurately on a computer screen. Images get photo shopped and every computer screen shows colors differently. I advise ordering sample pots before choosing a color. Below a few of the color combos I picked paired with cream trim and my color card in the morning light.

Trim Options:
Lime White
Joa’s White

Wall Colors:
Theresa’s Green
Light Blue
Cooking Apple Green
Saxon Green
Green Ground
Vert De Terre
Breakfast Room Green (to try on moulding)

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  1. I just found your site-I live in MA as well.

    Your home is lovely-and I love the color palette you are using! It’s so lovely!


  2. I love your blog! I also love the Farrow and Ball paints.
    We used Vert de Terre in my husband’s office and it looks beautiful. We used Pointing on the trim throughout our house and have been very happy. It is a complex white because it is warm but not yellow. RE; Trim color, I am in the camp of not painting the trim odd colors. I think that different trim colors are “in” right now and can look beautiful but it is a real pain to change.

    Also you probably already know this but for the medium/dark Farrow and Ball colors they recommend that are you use different colors as primers underneath in order for the color to turn out correctly.

    I also will warn you that the F&B colors are very saturated. I had some difficulty with some other colors being too dark. (James White looks green in our bedroom) But that totally depends on your light. We have a lot of light and shadow which is very tricks.


  3. Katy,

    I’m so excited that I came across your blog. I’ve been searching for months for the same sorta green color for my LR walls. I keep going dark.. my husband wants lighter(who asked him anyway). I’ve been trying similar F&B colors- my lighting is killing me b/c I’ll Iove it during the day… but at night- just not sure. Anyway… can’t wait to see what you decide.


  4. I’m loving F&B colors; so rich and historical feeling. I am also toying with the idea of painting my moulding something other than white, but afraid to for the same reasons as you.
    I’ll stay tuned to find out what you pick! Can’t wait to see the end product. I’m sure it will look fantastic.


  5. OK, I vote for all of the colors. In fact, I’m going to print up this page and take it to the paint store and then go crazy on my house. Because all of those colors go together, but aren’t exactly the same. Except they kind of are.

    Wow, I wrote that really fast, so it came out in one big jumble and sounds like I’ve been drinking lots of coffee, which I haven’t. But I suppose you can read it at whatever speed you choose.

    Anyway… love those colors! Hope you don’t ever visit my house because I’m totally stealing them.


  6. I adore Farrow & Ball and can’t wait to own my own home again so I can redecorate. Vert de Terre is one of my favourites.


  7. Hi Katy,
    I’ve got F & B Light Blue painted furniture and a front door. In my house it’s a pale grey with a hint of blue. Our litchen cupboards are F & B Green Blue which is a subtle green colour. I tried a sample of cooking apple green it was way too dark, I saw it in a magazine kitchen makeover with red accents it was striking.
    Good Luck in your search


  8. your den is going to be so amazing when it all comes together! I love the way Farrow & Ball shows their color chips — that tactile booklet with real chips of color is so pretty. It’s a keeper even if you never order paint from them.