Hand Knit Pillows, Blodwen, and Spring Soundtrack

After I finish my next two hat projects and fingerless gloves, I’m moving on to hand knit pillows for my bed. Above a few I spotted on my favorite new home goods website Blodwen (thanks jane!). Go right now and check out their site. Amazing plaid throws, quilts, and these really great heart-carved spoons from Wales.

Back to the pillows. I’m thinking about making two euro size pillows for my bed in variegated cables like Ruth Cross’s version below. I’m on the search for the perfect cable pattern book. I’m a visual person so I prefer a book with lots of photos. Designing my own pattern once I figure out the repeat will be easy, right?

As I side note…I honestly can’t believe how far I’ve come in just a few months with my knitting. Me? Making cable knit pillows. After all this knitting craziness I’m going back to tackling those Liberty dresses and tops I started and never finished last summer. If I start in April maybe I will have them done in time for sandal weather?

p.s. Chelsea discovered a great new album on NPR with Zooey and Ward. You can listen for free until the album goes on sale March 23rd. It’s a great soundtrack for spring.

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  1. I have a patchwork afgan book – you may want to check something like that – any of the squares would look great as a pillow.


  2. Hearing from all my knitting friends who never comment on my blog but send me e-mails instead to get a hold of the old Harmony Guides. I guess they did one called, Aran Knit Book.


  3. I love Blodwen’s products but the prices seem a bit too steep. However, if someone would like to give me £1500 for an antique quilt, I’d be very happy! Have a great weekend, Katy!