Eric Ravilious: Landscape Prints

Lombardy Poplars, May 1935, can be purchased through Emma Mason.

I came across Eric Ravilious’s (1903-1942) work at Ben Pentreath’s shop in London last week. The images taken from the website have been sitting on my desktop for days. I keep revisiting them, studying their compositions and realizing how much I really do enjoy landscape paintings.

Eric Ravilious’s watercolors depict scenes of rural life in England in the early half of the 20th century. Lines and marks swoop through the composition creating a layered effect that keeps the eye moving. Washed out watercolor hues are unobtrusive and captivate the viewer inward.

I’ve done very few landscape drawings or paintings. My drawings are very abstract and I’ve never pursued landscapes because frankly they’ve sucked. But it’s something I would love to explore once the weather gets nicer. Sounds kind of romantic to be on the side of the road painting or drawing? Do you have a favorite landscape artist?

Below prints available for purchase through Ben Pentreath’s shop, click here.

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  1. Eric Ravilious also designed china patterns. One is called travel and the other garden or something like that. They’re gorgeous and very expensive even on eBay. Check it out!


  2. These are just beautiful! I am reminded a little bit of David Hockney’s fairly recent landsape watercolours. I saw a wonderful documentary on these, where he would be driving around the countryside with his assistant (who basically stood and held his easel so it wouldn’t blow over in the wind!), and they would just stop somewhere random if it inspired him. Then he would get out and start painting.


  3. one artist I’ve always loved is a New England based guy of Finnish descent named Eric Aho.

    he was the painting teacher at my high school for a while but has since gone on to develop a wonderful slightly abstract style that really captures New England seasons and landscape. He’s got plenty of hits if you do an image search on his name, and I’m pretty sure he’s got shows on regularly in the NE/NYC area.


  4. The print at the top of the page has a 3 dimensional quality that looks almost like it was cut from paper..these prints are wonderful. I love Kipness landscapes…they are very linear.


  5. These are so soft and pretty! They remind me of the murals you see in New England dining rooms.


  6. I really love Emily Carr’s landscapes, and some of the Canadian Group of Seven, as well.

    Those greens are totally similar to those that you are considering for your den!