Cable Knit Hat

I’m so proud of my new cable hat. I keep showing it off to Greg, “Touch it, isn’t so soft and amazing?” Conquering cables is a lot like mastering brioche. Once you get the hang of the process, it’s easy. When I first started knitting the cable hat I was really frustrated and had to go to my yarn shop multiple times for help. I kept loosing count or making knits into purls or vice versa.

I have my eye on trying a larger cable knit hat next. The cables are much larger and only have 4 or 5 twists in the whole hat. Above and below my hat and garter stitch scarf I made for my sister out of beautiful Baby Alpaca from Cascade Yarns.

p.s I know I look goofy and depressed in my hat photo but it hasn’t stopped raining here for three days.

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  1. I just lub* it!! as my 3yr old gd would say. Where can one find the pattern? *love


  2. Your blog is so lovely and inspiring. And I love the hat! Great job! Would you be able to post the pattern?


  3. Katy – I’ve been knitting for years and I have yet to make a cable hat. I do have a half finished cable sweater though. Actually it is closer to 95% finished. All the pieces are done, I just need to put it together. I should do that…


  4. My mother and a couple other people would love for that day to happen. I just like doing too many things. Can’t seem to focus on just one.

    Thanks Chelsea.


  5. My dear, you are my hero. First brioche now cable hats and cable pot holders! When can we buy Katy Elliott Knitwear???!!


  6. I’ve been wanting to try a cable knit hat for quite some time now! It sounds so hard. I’m afraid I’d give up mid-process. Yours looks gorgeous though! Great job : ) I’m glad you’ve mastered the art.


  7. Oh my goodness, you did an AMAZING job on that! I’ve always wanted to learn how to knit cables. So far, I haven’t even attempted them!