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Annabels House: White, Traditional, and Bathrooms Galore!

Posted on | March 31, 2010 | 25 Comments

I’m not usually so heavy on large image posts. But I found so many ideas in this house Merry suggested in the comment section of my last post. Find a ton more photos of this awesome house at 1st-option.com.

Top Eleven Design Elements I Loved:
1. Sisal runner with a light graphic wallpaper in entryway.
2. Variations of cabinets in kitchen. To me the cabinets have a Shaker influence.
3. Every bathroom is gorgeous but simple. An efficient look that means I don’t have to renovate in another 10 years.
4. Under the tubs are small cabinets to store toilet paper, plunger etc…
5. Built in cabinets in bathroom. Saves space and makes the feel less sterile.
6. Large wood paneling in bathrooms with Shaker style pegs—modern but warm.
7. Interesting lighting choices.
8. Window looking into bedroom. Love how much light you gain in both spaces by doing this.
9. Wallpaper that doesn’t overwhelm but adds texture.
10. Pink living room—warm and not over the top feminine.
11. Simple landscaped backyard with garage. How great is the brick wall surrounding the space?

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Dreaming of a Fancy Girl Kitchen

Posted on | March 30, 2010 | 27 Comments

I met with an architect this morning. Greg wasn’t able to make the meeting because he had an unexpected meeting in Boston. I was on my own trying to field questions about heating and insulation—normally Greg’s area of expertise. I think overall I sounded kinda like I knew what I was talking about—actually I probably sounded like an idiot—did Greg say we wanted radiant or wanted to keep the forced hot air? I can’t wait to move forward with the project and hopefully get a real plan to work with.

I of course forgot all about leaky roofs, heating, insulation, and important things I should be researching so I don’t sound like such an idiot in our next meeting. Instead my mind wandered to my someday kitchen. I really can’t believe that someday I will have a real kitchen that I can cook in. Neighbors could come over for afternoon tea and cookies at my kitchen table. I could host Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner without apologizing for the mess or lack of seating. How lucky would I be? Above and below more photos from my ‘kitchen’ inspiration folder.

Image Credits: 1-2 plain english kitchens, 3 unknown, 4 domino, 5 new york times, 6-7 domino, 8 plain english kitchens, 9 unknown.

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