Working On Cable Knit Hat

I started two new knitting classes this week. We are working on the red cable knit hat and fingerless gloves shown in the photo above. I was off to a good start on my cable knit hat when I realized on row ten I dropped a stitch in the second row. Crap. I had to pull it all out and start over. I could have probably done a fix but my ribbing was too loose. I decided to switch to smaller needles and give it another go. I am working in the dark gray yarn to the right.

My fingerless gloves are going to be gorgeous. I picked out a marbled gray, brown and cream undyed baby alpaca from Cascade yarns. I’ll share more photos as I move along with my projects.

On the left is basic garter stitch scarf for my sister. I made a hat to match. Hopefully, I will get the scarf done for her birthday!

Since we are talking knitting. I’ve been eyeing this beautiful baby knit book by Debbie Bliss at my local yarn shop. Gorgeous. I want to make everything in big kids sizes. And one more link. I totally want to make fingerless gloves in a beautiful Jade color like I saw over at Brora.

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  1. I love the cable knit hat! I am a confident beginner but I have never tried cables. That might be the best project to start. Also, I have the debbie bliss book, I have made MANY projects from it for baby gifts.


  2. I love Yarn Over M-head! I’m a lifelong knitter and as such, end up with the knitting supplies that no one else wants. I have doubles and triples of many sized needles, so if you ever need any, please let me know! It would be easy to arrange to get them to you.


  3. I love that one of my favorite bloggers is also a fellow knitter! The hat and scarf both look so cozy…we’ve certainly had some good knitting weather this winter, haven’t we? If you are on, let me know!


  4. I’ve always wanted to attend a knitting class but I’m so scared about attending one. I would rather if a friend went with me : P

    I love the hat you’re making. IT looks like you got a hand on the cable knit stitch!