F.H. Gillingham & Sons General Store

F.H. Gillingham& Sons General Store: Woodstock, VT

When you walk into Gillingham’s the space is quiet as a library, old wood floors softly creak, couples huddle around kitchen supplies nudging their spouses, “I have always wanted one of these”. Gillingham’s is just that kind of store filled with objects and products where for months you’ve searched. Silver polish cleaner; they have at least 4 different types, tiny files that were perfect for cleaning the details of my molding and a seriously good selection of maple products.

Greg and I spent a least an hour poking our way around the 3,000 sq foot store. I spent most of my time finding him to show him my latest prize, “How great are these utility gloves?”. They sell everything you could possibly need from “caviar to cow manure”.

Above and below a few photos from inside the store. Check out that shovel collection. We were totally in awe of the giant scooper on the right. Maybe it’s great for sidewalks? Find out more about store by visiting gillinghams.com.

F.H. Gillingham & Sons General Store
Elm Street just off Route 4
Woodstock, Vermont

Fishing, Tackle, Hardware Section of Gillinghams

Grocery Aisle at Gillinghams in Vermont

Lanterns, Shovels, and Snowshoes

Utility Gloves at General Store

Sleds at General Store

Shovel & Snow Supplies At General Store

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  1. Your shovel in question is a little(!) snow scoop. I would definitely go for a metal one, though, rather than plastic, because the plastic shatters when it gets too cold. They make even bigger ones of those, which are actually a pretty slick way to move a lot of snow by pushing it along. A great human-powered, low-tech alternative to a snowblower!


  2. I have always loved this store, they have everything. My family used to stop every weekend on our way up to and home from Killington.


  3. Very, very cool! Those kind of stores are so much fun. I like the lanterns, the orange “Blizzard” tube and yes, the giant, yellow scooper. I want the scooper! :)