Echinacea & Diy Planters

from top left: Coconut Lime, Green Envy, Pink Poodle, and Fragrant Angel.

It’s been a cold rainy mix of snow here in New England for the past few days. I saw some daffodil bulbs poking through the ground this morning but I think they are just confused. Go back to sleep flowers, it’s not time.

For some reason I’ve been thinking a lot about Echinacea and how I would like to sneak a few into the sunny spots of my garden. I love the ruffled edges of the Pink Poodle and the unusual color combo of Green Envy. Hmm which two will I pick? I wish I could fit them all but my garden is small.

Did you happen to see that great diy hypertufa pot article in the recent Martha Stewart Living? The instructions are online too. I love the texture. I can’t wait to try making a few this summer.

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  1. I read that same Martha planter DIY project and immediately reblogged it too! Love it. So easy and chic looking. And I’ve also been stalking that coconut Echinacea… very pretty.