Artist: April Gornik

This morning I was looking up a few resources from Amanda Peet’s bedroom when I rediscovered April Gornik’s work. Above Peet’s bed is a black and white landscape print done by Gornik.

Landscape paintings are my newest obsession—poetic and soothing. Black and white prints of Gornik’s work really strike a cord. The lack of color pulls me in as I navigate the marks created by the wood cut print. Prints of Gornik’s work can be purchased through Pace Prints in New York. Larger paintings and works can be viewed on Gornik’s personal website:

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Green with Red Accents

Amanda Peet’s bedroom from domino.

A few months ago my hard drive crashed and I lost all my favorite inspiration photos. I keep having visions of forgotten rooms. I search for hours—cruising blogs, flickr groups and google image—I am usually at a loss and feel totally frustrated.

One of my favorite interiors of all time is Amanda Peet’s bedroom from domino. The greens in the Cole & Son wallpaper are perfect. A dark headboard mixes effortlessly with whitewashed antiques. The red chair in the corner seals the deal.

The lovely Anne from The City Sage sent over these gorgeous interior shots showcasing one of my favorite color combos: green with red and pink accents. It seems every time I across a green room that I really love it always has a little pop of red or pink. Sometimes the pop comes on curtains, chairs, or even just a pillow. Some great interior inspiration from Anne below.

Candy striped curtains and an upholstered red chair from Simple Style.

Country green cabinets with french red striped tea towel curtains from Easy Elegance.

Feminine floral curtains with pink accents. Love the candlestick bedside table from Perfect English.

A green room pulled together with a rusty red antique rug from Perfect English.

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