New Years Goals

Snowy Beach

It’s back to grind. I overslept and I’m already feeling behind on my new years goals. Did you set any goals? Last night I was restless and couldn’t sleep. At 1 am, life became clear and I come up with most amazing projects and ideas for 2010. Unfortunely, I woke up this morning and forgot them. So below my abbreviated list of goals in 2010 in no particular order. Happy productive 2010!

1. Don’t go to bed with dishes in the sink.
2. Complete at least one floor in the house.
3. Learn to edit video.
4. Go to Paris.
5. Start interviewing more artists, crafts people, and cool people in New England for my blog. Because I’m tired of just talking about myself.

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Happy New Year 2010!

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  1. Yes! Go to Paris. Ah that I didn’t have two wonderful girls two-and-a-half and five months. I’d be adopting that one myself.

    There is no place like it on earth. Thinking about it stirs up my pot of inspiration.

    I’m so pleased to have found your blog. :)


  2. Great list! I love the mix of serious and fun goals. And while I love to hear about you, hearing about New England area designers, crafters, and food producers would be excellent!


  3. I second you on the dishes resolution. Sometimes an idea will come to me in my sleep, too, and then I have the opposite problem: I try too hard to remember it and then can’t fall back asleep, which stinks when it’s like 4am. Very excited to see your videos and more about New England artists! Happy new year!


  4. happy new year, katy! great list of goals for 2010. one of my goals is to take more photos of family, especially my kids. and then to actually print them out in a book or photo album rather than leaving them on my computer for years. but i think your goal of going to paris is a very good one, and i’m going to add it to my list too.


  5. Hi Katy, just started reading your blog, and Yes, I feel the same way! Too many ideas to keep in my head and too lazy to get out of bed to write them down! I am so inspired by your house redevelopment. Something I’d like to try one day. I am in love with Marblehead and spend many hours photo-safariing up there!


  6. Ha ha! I also overslept this morning, thereby already breaking one of my New Year’s resolutions: To be on time to work.

    I like your list. I’ve been meaning to go to Paris since I moved to NYC nine years ago. I figured I’d be going every weekend, since they’re fairly close. Oops.


  7. Happy 2010! Not leaving dishes in the sink is one of my resolutions too.Good idea about interviewing New England artists.Love your blog,thanks!


  8. I like goals like the one about the dishes. And your Paris goal made me remember that I want to go to Barcelona, thanks! Good luck with keeping your goals!


  9. I’m with you on #1 and #3.

    I might suggest you add one more goal to you list… keep a notebook, pencil and a small light next to your bed and actually write down your brilliant thoughts as you have them. (I’ve found I spend more time awake, trying to memorize the good ideas than if I just write it down and go back to sleep.) Or the record option on your cell phone (if you have one) is handy as well, depending on who shares your bed.

    And, don’t worry, those amazing projects will probably come back to you. Just make sure you’re prepared when they do. :)


  10. Great goals- I share number 4 with you in a big way, and number 1 is always good as well!

    I keep pens everywhere, so I can jot down notes while I am driving or in the dark. Of course making sense of them when I find them months later is another issue.

    Happy New Year!


  11. I always have brilliant ideas in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep! And of course, always forget them by morning.

    No matter — your goals for the new year seem fantastic. Wishing you a very happy start to 2010!