Fish Scan Photo

Love this scanned image from Scott Poxson. Maybe it’s the fish maybe it’s because I love color against dark backgrounds. Discovered via the lovely even*cleveland.

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  1. !!! Oh and I also found out there are sites that will print wallpaper for you. Crazy. I am thinking about doing some custom wallpaper and using some fabric prints from Spoonflower in our new house. A crowd-source-designed house. :)


  2. Thanks Mopar for the fabric site tips. I have checked them out.
    My mom would love if I would go back to designing textiles. I originally went to school for Textile design but left and got a degree in painting instead. Maybe someday? I’ll add it to the list.


  3. Sorry if this is a little bit off topic, but do you know about Spoonflower, Custom Keds, and Fabricondemand? The first two let people submit print designs and they get 10 percent if it sells. I see designers making little businesses out of this. I came across some really nice prints on Spoonflower from a guy named KristopherK for pillows and curtains. (He’s also on Flickr and Blogspot.) It sounds like you are already busy with a job, but I bet they need someone like you to help them out. Anyway, you can make your own fabric with these sites. And use them at home or make things to sell on Etsy. I bet you could make some amazing prints.