Antique Sailboat Photos

I was cruising the NYPL’s digital archive this morning when I came across a series of sailboat photographs. A few were taken in Marblehead Harbor in the late 1800’s. I could be bias but I think we have the most beautiful harbor in New England.

The digital archive is fun to explore and it’s also a great resource to purchase affordable art. Digital high resolution images of the photographs can be purchased through the library starting at $35. Find out more at

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  1. The windjammer cruises out of Camden,ME are a fun way to experience sailing. Not that expensive either.


  2. I love those old boats…

    I was lucky enough to sail your waters on a boat called ‘The Observer’ on a cold sunny Sunday in the Fall. It wasn’t old but it had sails and I’ll never forget it.

    Truly magic.


  3. Cruising the NYPL’s Digital Archive is the new Google Maps for me. And who doesn’t love sailboats?!