Artist: Meredith Ramsbotham

I love a good still life painting. Discovered last night via Rita Konig’s lovely NYT’s blog. Each composition is stunning and perfect. The artist Meredith Ramsbotham lives in London and is is notable for her still life pictures. Her painting reflect “the quiet English tradition of Gwen John and Winifred Nicholson“. Just lovely. Rita found her studio above one of my favorite designers shops, Robert Kime. Find out more on her website:

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Double Rose Peony Poppy Seeds

Last winter, I planted about 12 different heirloom tomato seeds. The process was fun but I realized my side garden doesn’t have enough sunlight for a large vegetable garden. The front has full sun but the back is filtered. How about these gorgeous Double Rose Peony Poppies? I love them. What plants and seeds are you eyeing?

p.s. I ordered the peony seeds from here:

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