Working On Macaroni Snowflakes

My Macaroni Snowflakes

Applying Glitter to Macaroni Snowflakes

Over the weekend I worked on making some macaroni snowflakes. Crafty Stephanie from even*cleveland shared the diy last December on my blog. I didn’t use as much white paint on my snowflakes as Stephanie did. I kinda like the natural macaroni color showing through. The second photos shows me applying some glitter. Click here to find the full how to instructions.

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  1. Don’t forget to use ditalini! They make a great addition. My daughter and tried this project. They turned out fantastic. We found it best to make components, like the center section and outer pieces. Let let it dry, then assemble it and add some extra pieces. Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. Found your blog through the Kitchn. I love this idea and plan to make some with my daughter this year. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Emmy,

    Hmm I bought them last year. I can’t remember where. The brand is De Cecco. Maybe shubies? Definitely not crosbys. Box is blue and yellow.


  4. Where did you find the big wagon wheels? I live in Marblehead and between crosbys and S&S only can find the tiny wheels and flowers.


  5. So glad I found this blog! It’s my new favorite daily read now. And you are located nearby (I am in Somerville). Thanks for sharing your (and Stephanie’s) creative ideas.


  6. what a clever idea. are you going to hang them on your tree or string them as a garland? you know, if they wouldn’t wilt from the moisture, those would make beautiful coasters as well.