Throws From Klippan Natural Textiles

wool blankets from sweden

Yes, I know I’ve gone throw overload today. I couldn’t stop myself from sharing these too. I spotted one of the designs over at Remodelista and clicked over to find even more that I loved. The throws are designed and made by Klippan Natural Textiles out of Sweden. So pretty. The colors feel so preppy, classic, and Scandinavian at once. Adding to my wish list. Buy now at

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  1. Don’t worry Lydia we all go through times of spluring and saving.

    I’m a bit supporter of savings and think you should only buy the things you need and really really love.

    I can’t afford these gems right now. But I found a few vintage plaid blankets for just $20 each at an antique fair yesterday. I’ll share next week.


  2. While I’m not thinking about blankets because it is so humid in Miami today, I wish I had all the resources to collect gems like these throws.

    We are so close to splurging on an limited edition work on paper that captured our eye at the fair yesterday; we may have to hold off on things like this for awhile:-(


  3. love all these blankets you’ve been posting! i have a big collection draped over every bed, chair and sofa in my house during the fall and winter:)


  4. Seriously, I wish I could buy piles and piles of these. I have a secret plot to get rid of all kinds of clothes in one of my trunks and fill it with lovely blankets.