Simple Wallpapered Room and Sofa

room with wallpaper

I don’t have anything significant to say this afternoon. I just wanted to share this lovely room and sofa I’ve been dreaming about for days. I found the interior months ago on the City Sage. Below a heathery lavender sofa discovered via Olivet. Both pieces remind of my love for the store Ochre and Harriet’s great apartment featured in domino (below and click on link).

lavender sofa


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  1. The lavender could be really girly but I think you could make it more masculine but introducing some greys and more masculine suiting stripes in the room.
    I don’t care what my boyfriend thinks anymore in terms of furniture selection. He’s finishing the basement so that he can have a wine cellar man cave. I could care less about going down there. The spiders are huge!


  2. That sofa is too perfect. Exactly what I’d like for my own little sitting room someday- I’d get to keep it to myself, because that color makes my boyfriend cringe. What is it with men thinking that their “taste” counts? :)

    Your green really is lovely- it’s floating somewhere between color and neutral, so very practical as well. I’ve got a little color-envy going on, as it’s not a color that seems to work well in the NW. Something about the light or the evergreens? Who knows.


  3. It is a great room. Maybe inspiration for another room in the house? The beams are not going to be exposed in the den. It just doesn’t work with the decorative molding and we have weird other issues.
    But I have a room that’s just behind the den that might get wallpapered like the above photo and we could expose the beams in that room, hopefully.


  4. Beautiful room. Your room could look just like it if you leave the ceiling beams exposed and use Peel-Away #1 on the floors. I used it on mine (also covered in lead paint) and it worked very well.


  5. I read through my old Domino mags every day. I’m running out of things to read — I’ve read them all.

    That sofa is a classic. Looks like a George Smith (I think that’s the name).


  6. Love these colors + I remember that Domino article. one of my favorites. I still really miss that magazine. I’ve been enjoying flipping through my old ones since I’ve been back.


  7. My sister and I save all the photos you post up and follow your blog. I’m using all of these inspiration photos for when I can decorate my house. You have great taste.