Rustic Farm Table For Bathroom

rustic bathroom

Our bathroom renovation is a bit stalled for the moment. I’ll share in another post. I’ve been thinking my ideas for the bathroom have been a little too clean. My house is pretty rustic but I want to find a balance between hard core country and modern. When I say “modern” I mean early 1900’s. The funny thing is I don’t think my house even had indoor plumbing till the early 1900’s. So what is really correct? Sometimes I feel like nothing makes sense nor does it really matter.

Anyway, what I wanted to talk about was rustic tables for the bathroom. I remember finding the below table on Absolutely Beautiful Things about two years ago. Then the other day I came across the above photo and was immediately reminded of Anna’s bathroom. How’s that for photographic memory? Unfortunately, my skill only works on pretty interiors. The above photo has the sink mounted on top and below the sinks are mounted inside. I kinda like the look.

Rustic Table and Subway Tiles in Bathroom

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  1. Over Christmas I showed my family your blog and how you were renovating your historical home and then I mentioned bathrooms. As you already know, it’s unlikely that indoor plumbing exhisted until the 30’s or even 40’s. All this to say that a minimalist look would probably work well providing it’s not overly modern. Less is more.

    From a restoration point, it must be both very interesting and challenging to be true to a home that did not have even a fraction of the material goods that exist today.

    In short, a modern day reinterpretation of what was.

    Happy New Year. Keep taking your photos they are beautiful.


  2. Oh Katy, I’m in the same state of confusion/indecision about the sink and vanity for our master bath. I’ve gone back and forth about each of the vanity options and am currently inclining towards repurposing a piece of antique furniture. Maybe a small wall cabinet rather than a table. Or maybe just a simple wall-mounted rustic wood shelf. I like the idea of something that floats off the floor.

    I’ve had the water damage worry as well with wood, and if it’s not wood, it would probably be a marble top. Wood would be better for the rustic look, though, I think.

    For the longest time I preferred a drop-in sink because they disappear more and it’s easier to wipe things off the counter and into them. But I really like the look of a gently curved vessel. I’m thinking it might look especially good if it was placed on one side of the countertop, rather than smack dab in the middle. Round and round I go…


  3. Private spaces in today’s homes are more modern/transitional. While the public rooms remain more formal. That being said, ditch the vessel sink. Too dated for your project.


  4. I love this look, Katy. I think it’s really on par with your style, too. I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with the right combination!


  5. I have the vessel in one bathroom and the inserts in the other bathrooms. The vessel is cute but messy since the water gets splashed around easily.


  6. Hey Katy! Would you worry about water damage with a farmhouse table under the sink? I guess if it’s painted and sealed like the bottom photo it might not be a concern. I was also struck by the way the bottom photo seems to blend a bit more with the other bathroom inspiration photos that you’ve posted, with the white tile backsplash and silver fixtures. The non-cabinet mirrors are also a nice rustic touch.


  7. My original plan was a antique marble top with metal legs. I’m just afraid it’s too sterile. But now the project has been delayed and I left pondering all kinds of other ideas…


  8. I was tired of bowls as sinks — until I saw this picture. Really beautiful. Although, many years ago while renovating a Victorian rowhouse in Washington, DC I put a sink in a short chest of drawers. Let’s just say it didn’t age well. I still love those English Hotel sinks with metal legs and chunky sinks.


  9. I find this idea very appealing- it’s something that I’ve bookmarked as well. I think a rustic table vanity would look perfect in a beautiful old house like yours, and it could also be an antique element that warmed up a more modern setting.

    My Dad has a table in his office that he inherited from the previous tenant- an antiques dealer. Weathered wood with gorgeous turned legs. It’s the perfect size for two vessel sinks, and it has a low shelf underneath where I would stash old egg baskets full of rolled towels and pretty toiletries. As soon as I have a house of my own… that table is coming with me!


  10. Thanks for your concern Cricket. We have been tested. We are trying to complete the renovation before we have any kids in the house. We are cautious not too worry.


  11. I find your blog so interesting. I love old houses and used to live in one, well it was 1940’s – does that count? You mentioned the dreaded word “lead” when uncovering wallpaper in association with possible children. I feel passionate about this topic and mostly get eye rolls from people. If and when the time comes it is inexpensive for you and your mate to be tested, I did when I was pregnant and then my children every 6 months. We also had our house tested, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me, I have learned so much.