Rustic Console For Plants

side table for plants

I really wish I could buy the table above. It’s perfect. I want to put it under a window in my little nook room off from my den. Next to the table I plan on putting a bookcase to the right of the table with all my books. I found a console (below) last year from Lars Bolander for around $1,100. Pricey and I would prefer an antique. Keep a lookout for me!

Second Floor Nook

lars bolander console

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  1. Have you found your “console” yet? I have an old one. I’ve always called it a potting table. It’s rectangular and has a galvanized top. It was a nice old green, but was painted red. The dimensions are: 14″x75″ and 32″ tall. It’s a lot more primitive than some of those suggested, but I think it’s nice. I will take and send you a picture if you would like. I’d sell it for $125.00. If you were interested. I could get it to Portland. I read you like to shop there. It’s so ironic, but I was looking for info on Folly 101 and I found your blog.I had seen that same picture of the table for plants and it reminded me of the one I have!


  2. Hi Katy – Mary Grace Long sent me your link. I would love to duplicate this console for you at a price you can feel good about….Joel Verdon