Plaid Blankets & Throws from Pendleton

plaid blankets from pendelton

My #1 gift to give and receive: wool blankets. A classic gift that will last for generations. Above a few of my favorite throws from Pendleton. I have a few vintage versions from Pendleton that have been passed down from my mom. They look super cozy on my bed and chairs in the wintertime. Prices range from $78-$108 each. Check out more:

Need more blanket & throw inspiration click here.

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  1. I love the wool throws from Brora and Toast. Great color combinations. Two great UK websites!


  2. Ah, tried-and-true Pendleton….still made in America. I remember their beautiful old Indian blankets, which are quite prized nowadays. I treasure my Pendleton plaid wool shirts with and without the quilted linings. I even have ladies herringbone tweed Pendleton coat stored away (it’s in perfect condition, but a bit too small for wifie). Thanks for this post, Katy. :-)



  3. I love these blankets. My parents have “hunting jackets” from the 50’s that were made from old Pendleton blankets; hm… I wonder if they still have them? ;-)

    Have you seen Swans’ Island Blankets? They’re beautiful, and expensive. They’re made in Maine of wool from a flock that lives on a small island; they round them up and shear them once a year.