Painter: Samantha French

girl swimming painting by samantha french

My house is a wreck and pretty much every room is under renovation. I’m dreaming it will all be done soon and I can start shopping for furniture and art. I spotted Samantha French’s work last week on Mint. Love it. Great gesture, color, and composition. Two of my favorites pieces above and below. Lake Waters above is still available. Check out her site for many more examples of her work:


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  1. I recently discovered the website of an old schoolmate and now artist living (I believe) in Nantucket. I really love her paintings and something about some of the images on this site reminded me of her work. Maybe you’ll like it?


  2. (I posted this on her blog also)I love the gesture of the figure and the paint drips give the feel that the painting itself came out of the water. The strong light source from above adds a great depth to the figure in the atmospheric water, (giving a blue tint to everything.)
    Great job on your work I like the way you are getting at the beauty of figures in and around water without being overly sexual in their apparel (no thongs, or sports illustrated versions) just very beautiful people enjoying themselves


  3. I love these paintings. Thanks for the introduction to her work! And, Happy New Year Katy… I’m slowly climbing out from under blankets too.


  4. I can appreciate the feeling. Our house also looks like a construction site, and practically every day there is some new disaster, usually plumbing related. Don’t worry, it will all be fine. I can’t wait to get to the decorating part.


  5. Thank you for introducing me to such
    wonderful work. I love her crows.
    The swimming people are great too!