Rustic Farm Table For Bathroom

rustic bathroom

Our bathroom renovation is a bit stalled for the moment. I’ll share in another post. I’ve been thinking my ideas for the bathroom have been a little too clean. My house is pretty rustic but I want to find a balance between hard core country and modern. When I say “modern” I mean early 1900’s. The funny thing is I don’t think my house even had indoor plumbing till the early 1900’s. So what is really correct? Sometimes I feel like nothing makes sense nor does it really matter.

Anyway, what I wanted to talk about was rustic tables for the bathroom. I remember finding the below table on Absolutely Beautiful Things about two years ago. Then the other day I came across the above photo and was immediately reminded of Anna’s bathroom. How’s that for photographic memory? Unfortunately, my skill only works on pretty interiors. The above photo has the sink mounted on top and below the sinks are mounted inside. I kinda like the look.

Rustic Table and Subway Tiles in Bathroom

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Brahms Mount Textiles

brahms mount blankets

I’m a huge fan of Brahms Mount blankets & throws. I was excited to see their website has recently been updated. They have a great new video showing the history behind the company as well as how the textiles are constructed. Above and below just of few of the blankets, throws, and linens Brahms Mount manufactures out of their Hallowell, Maine studio. I’m adding their studio to my Maine road trip list for next summer. Check out more designs on their website:




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