Green Walls with Darker Green Ceiling

green wall and darker green ceiling

Mrs. French got me thinking this morning with her lovely post on Ellen Silverman’s gorgeous interior photography. What if I painted the ceiling in my den a darker green? I actually don’t think it would work because the ceiling is too low. But if they were taller it could be gorgeous.

The ticking stripe mattresses in the photos makes me want to reupholster my boxy sofa in ticking stripes. I could do a variation of tufting on the back cushions to look kinda like a mattress? Would probably cost just as much as buying a new sofa and the piece is too big for the space anyway. So basically this post was pointless. I guess I’m just in love with color green and ticking stripes. Somehow it will all come together in my house.

ellen silverman interior photograph

green walls and ceiling

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  1. I, too, have been rethinking my white slip-covered couch since Mrs. French’s post. I love the idea of the tufting. This post wasn’t pointless for me… kind of solidified the idea of a ticking couch. Maybe.


  2. I love the idea of painting the ceiling (almost as much as I love yur blog). Why not paint the walls a darker color and the ceiling a lighter version of it? This way you arent losing too much height in the room. Sage green walls and a cream ceiling with white crown molding and a ticking stripe couch. Sounds purely delightful!


  3. love that ticking stripe fabric! still trying to find vintage ticking stripe yardage at a reasonable cost. let me know if you find anything!


  4. I just stumbled upon your blog-I love those salt dough ornaments! Then I saw you lived in Marblehead (we lived in Marblehead for 5 years before we moved to VT 5 years ago). It’s fun to see the beautifully decorated houses in Old Town. Such a pretty town! Good luck with the house.