Diy: Icicle Chandelier

icicle chandeleir

I have one more amazing project from Stephanie of even*cleveland to share. Did you check out her diy salt dough ornaments? Stephanie and I did a little barter. I sent her a really big photograph of seagrass I took this fall. In exchange, she created two beautiful diy holiday crafts posts for my blog. I love bartering! Be sure to check out even*cleveland for more great projects and inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing Stephanie!

This year, many of my friends have new babies in the crawling, grabbing, and toppling stage, and several of them have mentioned that they are at a loss for decorations that are kid-proof. I thought a holiday chandelier might be a nice compromise – everyone can admire it, but only grown ups can reach it!

1. Choose three graduated sizes of embroidery hoops- I used 3″, 6″ and 10″ hoops. Discard the outer ring with the screw adjustment, keeping only the plain inner band.

embroidery hoop

2. Choose your decoration. I used some crepe paper icicle border that I had on hand, but you could cut out or paper punch any frosty pattern you like onto crepe or regular paper. Wide ribbon would also work really well – I especially think a woven Nordic pattern would look great. The trick is to keep your decorations relatively light. You will need three pieces – one long enough to wrap around your widest band, one for the mid-size band, and one for the smallest.



3. Next, tie your hoops together. You want them to fall in graduated size from largest to smallest, and you want the vertical space between them to be just a little shorter than the length of your decoration. I used silver embroidery floss, and stating with the smallest hoop, tied the floss in four spots- at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. Centering the smallest hoop inside the middle hoop on a flat surface, I tied corresponding points on the middle hoop, and then on to the biggest hoop. At each stage, you need the lengths of floss to be exactly the same, or your chandelier will be crooked. To double check that they are hanging relatively evenly and positioned concentrically, I always hold them up in the air with the threads in my hand before I make any knots.

stringing together

4. Once you have all three hoops tied together, take four long pieces of embroidery floss and tie them at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock on the biggest hoop. Holding these loosely in hand, adjust the length of the drop – this is the point at the top that the whole chandelier hangs from. Once you have it as long as you like, make a tight knot and trim the excess.

chandeleir strung together

5. Ta – da! You have the frame of your chandelier. Now is the fun part – using pieces of double-stick tape, attach your crepe paper, paper cutouts, or ribbon to the hanging bands. I like using double stick tape because it is quick and light. You can also attach dangling pieces like pompoms or jingle bells, but remember that you will need to treat the whole thing like an algebraic equation – whatever gets added to one side has to be added to the other for balance. Fold and tape down the ends and voila! Finished!

icicle chandeleir

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  1. Katye,
    could you tell me where to find the crepe paper icicles? I purchased some a year ago from D.Blumchen but they are sold out. I would like to find more of it if you can tell me a source? thank you, Jean


  2. I love bartering!

    As soon as I get that photo framed, I will post it on my blog so you can see it in its new home.

    It was really fun getting to do this!