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brahms mount blankets

I’m a huge fan of Brahms Mount blankets & throws. I was excited to see their website has recently been updated. They have a great new video showing the history behind the company as well as how the textiles are constructed. Above and below just of few of the blankets, throws, and linens Brahms Mount manufactures out of their Hallowell, Maine studio. I’m adding their studio to my Maine road trip list for next summer. Check out more designs on their website:




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  1. My stepson worked for B-M for quite a few years and I am blessed to have several of their blankets – we LOVE them and recommend them to anyone and everyone.


  2. Thanks to your posting I discovered Brahms Mount. I ordered a linen throw for weekend naps on the couch and it has been so nice. The weight of the linen is comforting and the linen is softer than I was expecting. Thank you for the recommendation!

    I hope to get a king-size blanket for cool summer evenings.


  3. I love the pinstripe cotton/linen blanket and the chevron throws. All so lovely!
    Any feedback yet on the wool blanket made in PEI?


  4. Purchased one of these at the Common Ground Fair a few years back and we love it. They’re a great weight – so cozy.