Vermont Cheese Trail

gallery-cows1Consider Bardwell Farm

I dying to go to Vermont to check out their Cheese Trail. Vermont’s artisanal cheese industry has seen a big boom as more consumers become interested in handmade cheeses. I began my love affair with cheese back when I worked in new york. Every Friday I would pass through Grand Central Station to treat myself to a new selection of cheeses from Murray’s Cheese Shop. Murray’s selection is amazing and their staff is incredibly knowledgeable. Thinking back about all the wonderful cheeses I have tasted makes me salivate. God, I love cheese…maybe even more then chocolate. Well maybe not dark chocolate but it’s close.

The last few days it seems everywhere I turn I’m hearing about Vermont’s cheese movement. In the Novemeber 2009 issue of Martha Stewart Living is a lovely story about five Vermont cheesemakers. The cheesemakers were featured on her tv show today, click here for clips. On twitter, I found an articles on and about the cheese trail. I’m sensing a roadtrip. Have you ever gone cheese hunting in Vermont? Check out the cheese trail map here.

cheesemakers featured on martha
Blue Ledge Farm
Consider Bardwell Farm
Saxelby Cheesemongers
Thistle Hill Farm
Willow Hill Farm

p.s. I was checking out the farms and it looks like april-october is the best time to go.


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  1. Just booked a ticket to Boston and I’m hitting the Trail…I have a little cheese shop – wine bar in San Clemente, CA and I cant wait to get familiar with the regions amazing cheeses and bring a bit of it back to California! Going see what I can schlep back and do a promo on Vermont Cheese! Excited.


  2. We rented a house in Ludlow for a week this summer, and many of the shops in and around Ludlow carried wonderful local cheeses, as did the farmers market held one day while we were there. Smoked cheddar was a big hit, but my favorite of the week was an aged buffalo mozzarella that isn’t available around here. However, Shubie’s in Marblehead carries a terrific selection of Vermont cheeses, along with several other types made in Massachusetts and other New England states.


  3. Chelsea–swedish cheese with caraway and cloves sounds magical.

    I dream of blue cheese and candied walnuts sometimes when i’m sleeping. It’s my pms treat of choice. The stinker the better.


  4. That cheese road trip sounds so fun!! Two of my favorite things: vermont + cheese!! holy cow i love it too. it’s not good for me but i eat it anyways. there is a cheese here in sweden called kryddost and it has caraway + cloves in it. it’s so amazing! also for the holidays, i’ll be going to the rogue river in oregon where they make the world famous blue cheese and now you have me excited about it!