Shaker Folk Art

Shaker Floral Wreath Art

I love these simple colorful folk art prints. The prints are by artist Polly Collins (1801-1884). One of the extraordinary “gift drawings’ in the Hancock Shaker Village Collection. Purchase for just $10 each at Hancock Shaker Village’s online shop.

Shaker Tree of Love Tree of Life Print

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  1. i’ve been cruising your blog for an hour now…i have a teeny 1927 bungalow that i’ve been gently rehabbing for about a year and i’m so enjoying watching what you guys are doing! i just painted my bathroom Tiffany blue with white trim and i love it to pieces. i picked this post for a comment because i am also in love with shaker art. i went to the shaker town in kentucky in 2004 and bought four cards of the artwork (starving grad student, all i could afford), and i have yet to bring myself to write in them and send them away. i think i’m going to end up framing them. perfect in my new/old house!


  2. You have been on fire with the posts this week, lady. I love this – they tie into some other types of folk art I am researching, so thank you!