Seed Stitch Scarves

grey seed stitch scarf

Last winter, I made hand-knit scarves for my nieces christmas presents. I’m a total beginner and only know how to knit a basic stitch. I came across these pretty scarves by Jill Bent this morning and was pretty envious. I would love to master the seed stitch. It’s one of my favorites. I think I need to learn “purl” first. Jill also makes lovely grain sack pillows and neckwarmers too!

Update: in December 2011 I finally learned how to make my own seed stitch scarf. See the results and pattern idea here!

cream seed stitch scarf

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  1. love see stitch! and loving the scarves!! Sounds like a great Christmas project! If I can do seed stitch I promise you can! Seed stitch is the border of my favorite baby blanket I make.


  2. I wish I wasn’t so chicken and would just learn to knit already. I can do everything else crafty…but no knitting. These scarves are a good incentive.


  3. Marblehead has a wonderful yarn shop – A Yarn Over Marblehead. Jean has gorgeous yarns and also offers classes, although I’m sure you can master seed stitch on your own :-)


  4. I’ve always loved seed stitch and it is just so beautiful when it’s knit up big like this! Purl stitch is no sweat, and seed stitch is great to knit. Really repetitive, but in a good way :)


  5. Oh yes, do go!

    Jill’s creations are so lovely (I bought one of her tote bags last summer) and she has the loveliest blog. I’m sure you won’t regret meeting her and seeing her treasures in person.


  6. Seed stitch is pretty basic, and purl stitch is pretty simple, too. I’m sure you can handle it!

    One of my fav resources for knitting is
    They have videos for nearly everything, and it’s free!!

    Additionally, have you heard of Ravelry? It’s a great resource for figuring out what to do with the yarn you already have, or just finding new projects, or even like-minded knitting/crocheting individuals.