Linen Tufted Headboard

New Tufted Linen Headboard

I brought back my new linen tufted headboard from Maine this weekend. My mom worked on the project with a local Portland upholster. Thanks mom for doing such a great job on the buttons!

After barely fitting the headboard into our truck for the ride home we were having serious doubts that we would be able to fit the headboard into the house in one piece. Moving anything in is a headache; the doorways are extremely narrow and the stairs are a tight twist. We decided it would be easier to bring the headboard through the bedroom window. I wrapped the headboard in an old blanket and Greg tied some climbing ropes around the piece on the ground. Greg slowly maneuvered the headboard up the side of the house to the roof. Once he removed the bedroom window the headboard slid right in. Yeah! Not so bad…and nobody even screamed.

I love the headboard in the bedroom. Eventually, the space will get gutted and the ceiling opened up into the attic. I was just tired of having my mattress sitting on the floor like a college student. Hopefully, I’ll find some new bedding and nightstands in the next couple weeks. A coat a paint on the walls and floor will be inexpensive and help clean up the space. I can’t wait to have a room that doesn’t remind me that I’m living in the middle of a full house renovation.

Pulling Headboard up to Third Floor

Bringing Headboard Through Window

New Tufted Linen Headboard

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  1. Wow, fab. I love headboards like this. I can’t believe you got it in through the window. Looks hard. Also, this leads me to comment: You are so lucky you have all your old windows.


  2. Your headboard is just lovely! I made my own, out of velvet, about a year ago, but it looks nowhere near as nice as yours!


  3. It looks fab! p.s. I’m anxiously awaiting getting some Christmas decoration inspiration from you. My 1725/1890 home is needing some holiday loving. Perhaps some shots of Marblehead home exteriors similar to the great ones you posted around Halloween?