Leaf Blower & Mulcher

Mulching Leaves: Before & After

I’m now a real homeowner. I own a leaf blower. Last year, we racked the leaves into piles and shoved them into store bought paper bags. Greg was pretty annoyed that I bought bags that we were just going to throw away.

We did some research online and found the Toro Ultra 12 Amp Variable Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum. It can mulch leaves as well as blow leaves into piles. If you mulch your leaves you can incorporate the mix into your garden. Greg picked the Toro because it has metal blades that chop the leaves. Most mulchers have plastic versions that can cause jamming.

On Saturday, we did our first round up leaf gathering. Above a before and after shot of our driveway. I know it looks prettier with the leaves but believe me you want to get rid of the leaves as soon as possible. Leaves pile up on the sidewalks which is delightful for fall frolicing. Throw some rain into the mix and the leaves become a colorful ice rink of disaster. Besides wet leaves are a pain in the ass to rake or mulch.

Below some shots of the Toro in action. You can suck & mulch into a garbage can or use a shoulder bag. The blower is really powerful and great for cleaning out gutters too. Find out more and purchase online at amazon.com.

Greg Sucking & Mulching Into Bag
Leaves Mulched

Greg Sucking & Mulching With Bag On Shoulder

Greg blowin leaves out of a gutter with leaf blower

Tree Above Driveway

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  1. Oh! Thanks for the good recommendation. We just bought a house in Portland and dealing with leaves for the first time has been quite an ordeal. I am forever raking…


  2. We brought the first batch of leaves to the dump which get recycled into mulch for the town.

    My driveway is already full of leaves again. I assume I’ll have to do this 2-3 more times. I don’t have huge gardens so some of it will become mulch for my garden and the rest will go to the dump.

    Mulching greatly reduces the amount of waste. We filled the leaves into two big baskets and dumped it at the recycling center.


  3. What timing! After raking leaves yesterday my husband and I were talking about something like this. I garden and it absolutely pains me to get rid of the leaves so I am curious, did you keep your mulched leaves?