Jill Bent and Carta, Inc.

Pillows and Lavender Sachets from Jill Bent

Lavender Sachet By Jill Bent

Hand Knit Scarves and Bags by Jill Bent

Over the weekend I went into Boston to attend Design Salon’s annual Holiday Sale. I met some of my favorite designers I have discovered through blogs and etsy. Jill Bent creates beautiful handmade pillows, sachets, scarves, bags, and clothes pin dolls (above). Each piece is skillfully constructed in vintage fabrics and sumptuous natural yarns. Jill is the sweetest and I can’t wait to learn more about her through her blog: 36shea.blogspot.com. Buy her goods online at: jillbent.etsy.com.

I’ve spent some late nights online eyeing Carta’s beautiful ribbons imported from Italy (below). How can one resist scrolling alphabet ribbon? Carta recently introduced a new line of cards depicting the scrolling alphabet ribbon; cards are available as sets online through her etsy shop. Carta is run by talented book designer Angela Liguori, check out her blog for more beautiful inspiration: angelaliguori.blogspot.com.

Both of these lovely ladies will be showing their wares at multiple shows in the Boston area through December. Check out their blogs for more information.

alphabet card sets from Carta

Cotton Tape from Carta Inc.

alphabet ribbon from carta

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  1. Hi Katy – I love looking through your blog at all of the wonderful finds you have posted. I was given a Kreativ Blogger Award, and I wanted to pass it on to you because your blog just makes me happy! You can see the directions at my blog: rtatum0.blogspot.com


  2. ooooh Katie all that suff looks totally fabulous!!! Wish I could have gone and thanks so much for sharing. Sorry I haven’t been by in a while – your blog is looking lovely How are you finding the google ads? I was going to give it a go. Mx


  3. hi there katy
    so glad to have met you at the salon show..i too picked up work by angela..the ribbons..string and the pikku wrap as well as a gorgeous jill bent scarf! thanks for coming and looking forward to keeping up with you on the blog!


  4. Thank you Katy, so flattered about your latest post. I hope I will have the chance of meeting you again in the future and getting to know you better. Meanwhile, I will keep reading your blog….


  5. thanks, katy! i just posted about meeting you at the show on my blog too. it was so nice to meet you and i so appreciate that you came to the show to say hello. glad we made the connection and hope you have a good thanksgiving.
    best, jill