Decorative Tile Patterns


A fun tile source sent in by Jeanne, thanks! American Restoration Tile is a custom ceramic tile manufacture. The shops mounts all patterns and borders into repeating sheets ready for installation. Above a shot of gray and white ceramic tiles in a kitchen. Below just few examples of their tile patterns. The brighter colors are a bit overwhelming. I would try making a pattern in shades of gray. Totally cool for bathrooms, kitchens, and mud rooms. Check out more at

Looking for more bathroom and tile inspiration click here.







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  1. funny…

    I went to the website because the tile reminded me a lot of what my parents had installed in a bathroom our house not too long ago…& turns out the company is located in Little Rock, AR, which is where our house is. I’m sure it was probably done by this company!


  2. I am completely obsessed with Victorian entrance-hall tile, which is what these are examples of. But if you have broken or missing tile of any kind, this company will copy it precisely. So this is great if you have, say, a 1930s lavender bathroom or whatever and the shower pan needs replacing.

    Their prices are quite reasonable for replacements in small quantities, and there are no minimums. They take three to six weeks to fill an order.


  3. Super cool find Katy. I scoured their website and got some great ideas that I might use in our bathroom installations! Thanks!


  4. I love these and they make me nostalgic for home – they feature in so many kitchens, parlours and entrance porches of homes there, mostly Victorian and Edwardian homes.