Antique Bird Illustrations As Wallpaper

vintage bird illustrations as wallpaper

The first time I discovered vintage illustrations used as wallpaper was probably at an Anthropologie store. Above actual vintage illustrations were used to cover a wall via The illustrations are from ‘Birds of York’ folio. I would assume the illustrations are by Elon Howard Eaton. Below photocopies of vintage bird illustrations decoupaged to the wall via

vintage bird illustration in entryway

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  1. I love, love this concept. I can’t wait to have an old house to rennovate one day…

    p.s. I’m glad you like the peat tweed fabric! Thanks so much for including Olivet in your weekly newsletter, it means alot :)


  2. I love this idea! I’ve loved this since seeing sheet music used in a catalog a few years ago. Vintage bird or botanical illustrations also seem like a great alternative to wallpaper.


  3. Gorgeous! I just came upon some lovely vintage bird illustrations recently. Posted about it last week. I’ll add your ideas to the mix.