Pumpkins Above The Front Door

I can’t believe that it’s the first of October. Fall outdoor decorations are popping up all over Marblehead. Pumpkins and mums are begin to fill empty flower pots and boxes. My favorite fall decorating idea is placing small pumpkins above the front door. So cute, right? A few of my favorites from my neighborhood above and below.

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  1. Oh wow, I love this. I was in Western Mass this weekend and noticed that a lot of houses had little pumpkins on their doorframes- such a cute idea. I haven’t really ever noticed this before- do you know if this traditional in New England or is it a newer trend?


  2. I have taken many photos of pumpkins above the door along the north shore and am wondering if you or any of your readers know this history of this charming tradition. Best.


  3. I grew up not far from where you are and now live abroad…
    I love visiting your blog! Makes me a bit homesick but love it just the same. I can smell that NE fall and feel the pull of the ocean.


  4. My boyfriend said they same thing Jen…about the smashing. The same houses had pumpkins last year and I don’t remember any accidents.

    If you do attempt this make sure you have a sturdy spot and some protection from the wind.