Metal Detector & Last Days of Veggie Box

metal detector

It’s been pretty cold here this week. I’ve spent way too much time indoors fighting off a cold and baking delicious desserts that are not taking too kindly to my sedentary lifestyle. I really need to get out and sign up for a yoga class or something…I might go crazy soon.

Greg ordered a Metal Detector in hopes that he might find some gold in the basement. He was inspired by the guy in Staffordshire, England who found gold from the 7th century in a field. No gold so far but it’s damn good at finding nails and amusing us at 10 o’clock at night.

We’ve had a few nights of frost which zapped the rest of my tomato plants. Can you believe I picked tomatoes in October? I have a few more weeks left of my farm coop box. This week I got some delicious carrots, celery, and potatoes that are destined for a soup. Have a great weekend!

Tomato Harvest and Farm Box

Tomato Harvest and Farm Box

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  1. good luck with that gold thing- let us know how it works out – i’ll have buy one so i can afford to buy a new roof!

    try the yoga loft in marblehead- willa is an amazing teacher , really calm and has a great sense of humor about it all-
    have a great fall weeknend

    thanks for the cider doughnut recipe – can’t wait too try it